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Platform for initial offer of custom coins
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            [coin] => BIGGAME
            [amount] => 0.050000000000000000

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            [coin] => README
            [amount] => 0.005000000000000000

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            [coin] => BIP
            [amount] => 8.315559318548010755

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            [coin] => PERCENT
            [amount] => 0.050000000000000000

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            [coin] => TRADERS
            [amount] => 20.000000000000000000

IMO is the first offer of custom coins of Minter network.

Due to the fact that all custom coins of the Minter network have volatility in relation to the base coin BIP, after their creation, all users are obviously in unequal conditions. The exception is coins with the parameter CRR 100%. They are a steble to BIP.

IMO procedure is created to ensure that all users have equal, transparent and fair conditions for investing in projects.

Benefits of the platform
For users:
  • Fixed price of a custom coin;
  • Scam protection;
  • Additional bonuses provided by projects and their partners.
For projects:
  • Marketing;
  • Creation of custom coins without own funds;
  • Possibility to create a custom coin with a short ticker.
IMO terms and procedure

Each project that will be hosted on our platform will be subject to in-depth and comprehensive analysis. In this way we will minimise the possibility of a SCAM. There is no 100% protection against SCAM, but we guarantee that in case of force majeure, the loss of users participating in the IMO will be minimal.

All information about the project, the IMO procedure and additional conditions will be posted in advance.

Terms of use

The InDEX project is a startup at the MVP stage. At the same time, Minter blockchain is actively developing, constantly increasing and supplementing its functionality. Therefore the information provided on this site may be supplemented and / or changed at any time.

Denial of responsibility

The InDEX project is for informational purposes only and does not call for any actions in any way. The project team does not have any responsibility for your funds if, for some reason, any of the projects of the Minter network, including the blockchain itself, become unavailable.