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Checking the security and investment attractiveness of custom coins
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The calculation of indexes is based on the data collection of the custom coin from the blockchain and is a tool of technical analysis. Indexes do not take into account the value of coins and their use.

Indexes are the result of a mathematical calculation that cannot be falsified. This service is an additional means of analysis when choosing a coin for use on the BND strategy (Buy and delegate).

At the moment there are the following indexes:

Security index

Check the security level of your coins.

- Maximum index - 100%

- Minimum index - 0%

The calculation is based on the basic Minter formulas. Refers to the percentage of delegation of the custom coin.

The percentage of delegation is responsible for the liquidity of the coin - for its property to be quickly sold. Thus, the higher the delegation percentage, the smaller the amount of coins can be sold immediately after you buy it. And conversely.

The calculation is always to buy one coin.


A conditional X coin has a value of 20 BIP and has 75%. Once you have bought it, it is possible that at the moment will be sold all the undelegated amount of coins, and you will be able to sell it not for 20 BIP, and for 15 (20 * (75/100))

Any coin, regardless of its index CRR, at 100% delegation will have an index of 100%, because at the moment it can be sold for as much as you bought it.

The smaller the percentage of delegation, the smaller the index. And the lower the CRR with a decrease in the percentage of delegation, the faster the index will reach zero. So, for example, unbond moments with CRR 10, at 50% delegation will have 0%.

The exceptions are the coins with the CRR 100. They will always be 100%.


The index of investment attractiveness

The main goal is to show the prospects of investing BIP in any custom coin.

The minimum index is 0%. Coins with CRR 100 will always have an index = 0%, since their value in the BIP does not change.

There is no maximum index, because any coin can show an unlimited percentage of growth.

Thus, the higher the index, the more attractive the coin is for investment. Shows how many percent will increase the price of the coin, if the condition is met that every day a certain number of initial reserves will be added to the reserve of the coin. It is calculated by the formula ((R2-R1)/R1)/A where

- The initial reserve (R1),

- Current reserve (R2),

- Coin age in days (A).

For example, you bought an AAA coin with a 75% CP for 2.97 BIP and it has ((R2-R1)/R1)/A = 1. Thus, if ((R2-R1)/R1)/A of the coin is unchanged, that in a day you will be able to sell it for 3 BIP and  will be 1%. In 10 days - for 3.23 BIP and  will be 8.75%. In 100 days-for 4.45 and  will be 49.83%.

is calculated for 10 days and for the purchase of one coin..
Technical index⁠
The technical index is the arithmetic mean of  and   and is calculated as follows (+)/2.   give a more adequate assessment of the custom coin from the point of view of technical analysis.
Terms of use

The InDEX project is a startup at the MVP stage. At the same time, Minter blockchain is actively developing, constantly increasing and supplementing its functionality. Therefore the information provided on this site may be supplemented and / or changed at any time.

Denial of responsibility

The InDEX project is for informational purposes only and does not call for any actions in any way. The project team does not have any responsibility for your funds if, for some reason, any of the projects of the Minter network, including the blockchain itself, become unavailable.