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10.02.2020, 10:22 134 Project news

Index calculator

This calculator will help you simulate different situations and choose the right coin parameters.
Команда InDEX
We have been tormented by the design of the calculator for a long time trying to make it as useful and easy to use as possible.

First of all, the calculator will be useful for those who are going to create their own coin. Each parameter has a detailed description. At the same time, we tried to provide links to articles that will help any user to understand the Minter economy.

Having entered such initial parameters of the coin as:
1. SRR 
2. Issue amount
3. Number of BIPs to be reserved

And the expected (desired) parameters:
4. BIP reserve or coin volume (issue) 
5. Age of a coin in days
6. % of delegation or how many coins have been delegated

The calculator will automatically calculate the following key coin parameters: 
  • Price for creator
  • Initial price
  • Coin volume (issue) or BIP reserve. Depending on which expected parameter you will enter
  • Market value
  • Delegation Price 
  • It will also determine the indexes:
  • Security
  • Investment attractiveness
  • Technical
If you have any wishes and/or constructive critique, we are always open to cooperation. 
Terms of use

The InDEX project is a startup at the MVP stage. At the same time, Minter blockchain is actively developing, constantly increasing and supplementing its functionality. Therefore the information provided on this site may be supplemented and / or changed at any time.

Denial of responsibility

The InDEX project is for informational purposes only and does not call for any actions in any way. The project team does not have any responsibility for your funds if, for some reason, any of the projects of the Minter network, including the blockchain itself, become unavailable.